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The line-up for the world’s most anticipated B-Boy battle is complete: Here are the last four of the 16 dancers who will fight it out at Red Bull BC One on November 27 in Tokyo.

B-Boy number 13 is 24-year-old Luis E. Rosado, aka B-Boy Luigi. One of the best-known breakers from the US, he is a well-rounded dancer with excellent top-rocks and footwork, but also high-quality power moves, while he puts special effort too into his intros and drop-downs. In 2007, he made it to the finals in the US qualifier for the Red Bull BC One. “I like how Red Bull treats the dancers as professional artists when most mainstream people don’t,” says Luigi.



Toshiki is the cousin of B-Boy Taisuke who is born on the same day, and, like him, a member of All Area Crew and the Mighty Zulu Kingz. Toshiki is known as a “power move animal.” The event being held in Japan this year naturally puts some extra pressure on him, but he is sure he can handle it: “We’ll show the other countries how it’s done. Red Bull BC One is the Formula One of B-Boying!”



18-year-old In Soo Park, aka B-Boy Kill, from Korea is the youngest B-Boy in this year’s competition and a newcomer to Red Bull BC One. Despite his young age, he is a skilled and confident dancer: “Of course I’ve dreamt about the Red Bull BC One, like any other B-Boy in the world, but I would have never expected to be on my dream stage so soon!”



Andrii Gregul, aka B-Boy Pluto, from the Ukraine is another newcomer to the Red Bull BC One. Pluto is a smart and low-key guy, a power mover with an incredible flow, but also well versed in footwork and elaborate transitions. He feels the event is placing him into another league of B-Boys, the scene's highest level. “It’s a great stimulation to work harder and get better at what I do. Plus I always wanted to go to Japan.”



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